Going to Church

“Going to Church.”  It's what we say.  But is church truly understood or best experienced as something we “go to”?   Is that how Paul describes it in his letters to the churches in Corinth, Ephesus, Colossae, etc?   After citing 1 Corinthians 12:21, author Dennis McCallum writes: 

Notice Paul is not just saying we need the presence of the other members, but that we need their function.  ...Eyes and hands have to work together, and they do work together in our bodies, because of their organic linkage.  This organic inter-connectivity in the body of Christ flies in the face of modern notions of ‘going to church’.  Christians who think they need to ‘attend’ church have missed the point.  Simply being around other members of the body falls woefully short of Paul’s picture in this chapter.”  -Members of One Another

This is why our unconventional approach to church “around the table” is so important. It forces interaction.  It fosters genuine relationship.   It reminds us that Christ has indeed placed each of us at his table. It positions us to interact with Scripture and pray together.

We say it all the time.  Neighborhood Church is not an attempt at a perfect church.  No church will be perfect until Christ returns to perfect His church. But it is fair to say Neighborhood Church is an attempt at being a local church which is best understood not as some place you go.  Not as something you attend.  The point of our gathering is not mere gathering. We gather to be reminded: we ARE the embodiment of Christ in every neighborhood we live and in every place we work.   And we gather to GO: we go into the everyday places of our lives with the life of Christ in us. 

“Church” - it’s who we are.